Maximize energy savings while addressing unique control challenges like unstable room temperatures with a Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) from Honeywell. Each PICV is an automatic temperature control valve, an automatic flow-regulating valve and a flow-limiting valve packaged into one body. The PICV regulates and maintains a constant flow to the coil, irrespective of differential pressure variations, and is used in heating and cooling systems for both air handling units and fan coil units.

  • High close-off pressure
  • Better flow control, full stroke modulation at all times
  • Compatible with multiple actuators
  • Electronic failsafe actuators are available for all sizes (super cap.)
  • Easy installation
  • PN Rating PN40
  • High Close-off Pressure 8 Bar
  • Material of Construction- Ductile Iron
  • Balancing through Rolling Diaphragm
  • High Flow Capacity
  • Max. Flow Setting On Actuators
  • Full stroke at all flow settings
  • Globe/Linear Valve Structure
  • With Press. Test Ports
  • Actuator Compatibility
    -Fail-in-place / Electronic fail-safe (super cap. technology)
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