• Fully programmable data logger with minute loggers
  • 2 second integration interval
  • 4 communication modules
  • 7 or 8 digit display resolution

Sub-zero temperature fluids

The MULTICAL® 803 calculator can be adapted for mixed fluids and can operate in sub-zero temperatures, with a temperature range of -40…+140 °C. In applications where sub-zero temperatures can be expected, it is important to select temperature sensors and flow sensors with a suitable temperature range. Mixed fluids have a lower specific heat capacity compared to that of water. Kamstrup’s mixed fluid calculator variant can compensate for this and thereby provide precise measurements regardless of the chemical composition in the installation.

To ensure a high accuracy regardless of the chemical composition, the MULTICAL® 803 can compensate for the unique specific heat capacity in each application. Variant ”M” (mixed fluids) is compatible with the most commonly used antifreeze liquids, e.g. ethylene glycol and propylene glycol.

Temperature range

Temperature range θ: 2 °C…180 °C
Differential temperature range ΔΘ: 3 K…178 K

Temperature range θq: : 2 °C…130 °C / 2 °C…150 °C

Temperatur sensor set:
Temperature range θ: 2 °C…150 °C
Differential temperature range ΔΘ: 3 K…140 K

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