Panel Bus Modules consist of a terminal socket and removable electronic module allowing the socket to be mounted and wired before the electronic module is installed. They are swapped out without disrupting the power.

The CentraLine Panel Bus I/O Modules communicate via the Panel Bus. The pluggable CentraLine Panel Bus I/O modules consist of a terminal socket and a removable electronic module, allowing the socket to be mounted and wired before the electronic module is installed. All electronic modules can be swapped without disrupting the power and bus connections: Unplug the “old” and insert the “new” module.

Features & Benefits:

  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pluggable Panel Bus I/O modules can be exchanged without rewiring.
  • Lower risk of damage and theft
  • Fast wiring with state-of-the-art push-in terminals
  • Configurable safety position for outputs
  • Max. wiring flexibility due to optional accessories
  • Can be mounted in small installation housings
  • Flexible mix of Panel Bus I/O modules


  • Approvals and Certifications  CE-approved
  •  Conforms to EN 60730-1 and EN 60730-2-9
  •  Investigated according to United States Standard
  • UL916 (USL-listed) as well as according to Canadian
  • National Standard(s) C22.2 (CNL-listed)
  • Classification according to EN60730-1
  • Environmental conditions: For use in home (residential,
  • commercial, and light-industrial)
  • environments
  • Pollution degree: Class 2
  • Protection against shock: Class II
  • Software class: Class A
  • Overvoltage category: II
  • Classification according to EN60529
  • (Degree of Protection Provided by Enclosures)
  • Classification: IP20
  • Minimum Shipping & Storage Temperature: -20 Degrees Celsius
  • Maximum Shipping & Storage Temperature: 70 Degrees Celsius
  • Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature : 0 Degrees Celsius
  • Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature: 50 Degrees Celsius
  • Minimum Operating Humidity: 5 Percentage
  • Maximum Operating Humidity: 93 Percentage
  • Minimum Operating Voltage : 0 voltage direct current
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 24 /DC voltage alternating current
  • Supply Voltage: 24/24
  • Relay Current: 12 ampere
  • Relay Voltage: 1-29 voltage alternating current|19-250 voltage alternating current
  • Type: Relay Output Module with Terminal Socket
  • LED Circuit-Status Indicators : 3
  • Input and Output Type: Analog voltage alternating current
  • Number of Outputs: 6
  • Approved Location: C22.2 (CNL) ampere|CE ampere|EN 60730-1 EN 60730-2-9 ampere|UL916 (USL) ampere
  • Relay Channels: 2 megahertz
  • Mounting Type: DIN Rail inch
  • Housing Color: Light Gray
  • Product Type: I/O Modules Degrees Celsius|Module Degrees Celsius
  • Brand: CentraLine|Honeywell
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