Product Overview

  • Individually tested for certified performance
  • Available in a variety of cell sides and efficiencies
  • High-temperature models available up to 750°F
  • High capacity option for higher airflow (500 FPM)
  • Available in gasket and gel seal
  • Optional UL 900 or UL 586 labelling

Typical Applications

Performance & Applications

The AstroCel I filter is available in a variety of efficiencies, including 99.97%, 99.99% and 99.999% on 0.3 micrometre particles, and is also available with laser-scanned factory certification.

AstroCel I HEPA filters are used primarily in cleanrooms and clean zones, which require the very highest levels of contamination control. The filter consists of water-proofed, fire-retardant fibreglass media formed into a series of pleats. Corrugated sheets of aluminium separate the pleats to permit maximum usage at minimum resistance. Gasketing is available on the upstream, downstream, or both faces. Extractor clips are available for gel seal Astrocel I HEPA filters, for Bag In/Bag Out housings.

Energy Saving Design

The pleat openings and exits of the Astrocel I filter deliver low entrance and exit losses. This, combined with less restriction from separator material and better media utilization, delivers a low-pressure drop. The high capacity (HCX) model utilizes tapered separators, which allow a doubling of airflow with only a 40% increase in resistance. The lower operating resistance reduces operating costs and saves energy.

Antimicrobial Treated Media

Optional antimicrobial traps and concentrates particulate air contaminants to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) while preserving the integrity of the media.

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