Product Overview

  • Self-sealing design prevents dirty air bypass
  • High dust holding capacity for longer service life
  • Fast installation; no clips or latches required
  • Heat-sealed construction
  • Tackified, progressive-density media
  • Synthetic 3-ply media is 100% moisture resistant
  • 9-gauge galvanized wire frame
  • MERV 8
  • Single header construction is also available
  • UL Classified

Typical Applications


Wide Range of Applications

The AmerSeal Cube Filter is ideal for a wide variety of applications with high dust-loading conditions. These filters are excellent as prefilters or as single-stage filters in demanding environments.

AAF Flanders AmerSeal Cube filters are made by heat-sealing layers of synthetic filtering media together over an interior, corrosion-resistant steel support frame. An overcut of media outside the seal forms a built-in gasket (selvedge) between the wire support frame and holding frame, which secures the filter and prevents air bypass. This special feature allows these filters to be installed without the use of retainer fasteners. Optionally, a 13⁄16″ thick U-channel header can be used, allowing for easier installation in side access or other systems where a header is required.

Innovative Self-Sealing Design

Cubes are internally supported filters similar to the AmerSeal Panel. The exception is the greater surface area for contamination capture. The AmerSeal Cube filters employ a triple-density, single-piece media designed to catch and hold more particulate. This moisture-resistant, polyester media consists of coarse 40 denier fibres on the upstream layer, followed by an intermediate layer of 15 denier fibres, and a final layer of fine 6 denier fibres coated with a non-drying, pressure-sensitive adhesive. The media is sonically sealed around an internal wire support frame, forming a built-in gasket that secures the filter in place and seals it to prevent bypass. With tapered pockets and no clips or latches required, the AmerSeal Cube Filter’s self-sealing design provides the fastest, easiest installation of any extended surface filter on the market.

A Moisture-Resistant Alternative

Because these filters are made with only metal and synthetic materials, they are an excellent alternative to paper-frame filters in high moisture areas, because they are naturally moisture-resistant and will not deteriorate or warp in wet or humid conditions.

  • MERV 8
Filter Depth
  • 10″
  • 15″
  • 20″
Media Type
  • Synthetic
Special Size Available
  • No
Header Type
  • Single Header
  • Self-Sealing
Frame Material
  • Steel
Max Operating Temperature
  • 175˚F (79˚C)
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