Metering Solutions

Metering Solutions by AJB HighTech

At AJB HighTech, we understand the importance of accurate and efficient metering solutions for managing energy and resources in commercial and industrial buildings. Through our partnership with Kamstrup, a leading provider of intelligent metering solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of smart metering solutions, including smart electrical meters, water meters, and BTU meters.


Smart Electrical Meters: Our smart electrical meters enable precise measurement and monitoring of electricity consumption in real-time. With advanced features such as interval data logging and remote data access, these meters provide valuable insights into energy usage, helping you optimize consumption, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs.


Smart Water Meters: Our water metering solutions accurately measure water consumption, allowing you to track usage patterns, identify leaks, and promote water conservation. These smart water meters provide real-time data and can be integrated with our building management system, enabling you to monitor water consumption remotely and make informed decisions to reduce waste and enhance efficiency.


BTU Meters: BTU meters are essential for measuring energy consumption in heating and cooling systems. Our BTU meters accurately measure the thermal energy exchanged within a building, providing crucial data for optimizing HVAC systems, ensuring energy efficiency, and facilitating accurate billing for heating and cooling services.


Billing System: In addition to our metering solutions, we offer a comprehensive billing system that seamlessly integrates with our smart meters. This system simplifies the process of generating accurate and transparent utility bills, streamlining your billing operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.


With AJB HighTech’s metering solutions, powered by Kamstrup’s advanced technology, you can gain full visibility and control over energy and resource consumption in your buildings. By leveraging real-time data and intelligent analytics, you can optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.


Contact us today to learn more about our metering solutions and how they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your commercial or industrial building. Experience the power of accurate metering and advanced analytics to drive smarter energy management and resource conservation.