Guest Room Management System

Guest Room Management System (GRMS) Solutions by AJB HighTech in Partnership with INNCOM

Enhance the guest experience and optimize energy efficiency in your hotel with our advanced Guest Room Management System (GRMS). AJB HighTech has partnered with INNCOM, a leading provider of guest room automation and energy management solutions, to bring you cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes hotel room functionality and energy savings.


Our GRMS Solutions:


  • Energy Efficiency: With our GRMS, hotel operators can achieve significant energy savings by automating and controlling various room functions. Efficient lighting control, occupancy-based HVAC settings, and automated setback modes contribute to reduced energy consumption without compromising guest comfort.
  • Seamless Guest Experience: Elevate the guest experience with intuitive and user-friendly controls. Our GRMS allows guests to conveniently adjust room settings, such as lighting, temperature, and blinds, from a centralized control panel or through mobile applications, providing them with a personalized and comfortable stay.
  • Smart Integration: Our GRMS seamlessly integrates with other hotel systems, such as property management systems (PMS) and building automation systems (BAS), enabling efficient communication and streamlined operations. This integration ensures a cohesive experience and enables hotel staff to monitor and manage guest rooms efficiently.
  • Enhanced Security: Our GRMS includes advanced security features, such as door lock control, occupancy sensors, and panic buttons, to ensure guest safety and peace of mind. These features provide a secure environment for guests, and hotel staff can quickly respond to any emergencies or incidents.
  • Energy Monitoring and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into energy usage patterns and performance with our comprehensive energy monitoring and reporting capabilities. Detailed reports and analytics help hotel operators identify areas for further optimization, track energy-saving initiatives, and make informed decisions for enhanced efficiency.


Partnering with INNCOM, an industry leader known for its innovative solutions, we bring you a GRMS that enhances guest satisfaction while promoting sustainability and cost savings. Our team of experts will work closely with you to customize and implement a GRMS solution that aligns with your hotel’s unique requirements and brand standards.


Explore the possibilities of our GRMS solutions and discover how they can transform your hotel into a smart, energy-efficient, and guest-centric property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our partnership with INNCOM and the benefits of implementing a GRMS in your hotel.