V5013R Series linear control valves are 3-way mixing control valves suitable to regulate hot and chilled water flow across a wide range of KVS requirements.

V5013R valves are used primarily for modulating the control of hot and chilled water in closed-loop hydronic systems with up to 50% glycol.

They are 3-way mixing and can be operated by linear actuators with 20mm stroke, such as ML6420, ML6425, ML7420, ML7425, ML6421, or ML7421, or by pneumatic actuators MP953.

Brass body with internally threaded end connections. Low seat leakage rate with self-adjusting packing. Accurate positioning to ensure first-rate temperature control. Equal percentage flow characteristic port A-AB and linear flow port B-AB. PN16 pressure class, connection size range DN15-50.

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