V4 Actuated Wafer Type Butterfly Valves are motorized butterfly valves suitable for heating and cooling applications for on-off or modulating control

V4 Actuated Wafer Type Butterfly Valves are equipped with standard On-Off or modulating control quarter-turn electric actuator. The V4 series can also provide feedback output signal dry contact for the On-Off version; 0~5V, 0~10V, and 4~20mA selected by the DIP- switch for the modulating version. It has a manual override non-clutch design. Manual operation can be operated without any lever, clutch or brake upon power voltage

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide size range
  • Irreversible worm gear.
  • Visual mechanical position indicator for accurate visual reference of valve position.
  • Anti-condensation heater and 2 aux. limit switches on the standard model
  • Enclosure IP67


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