Mixed Panel Bus I/O Modules are communicated via the Panel Bus. All such electronic modules are swapped out without disrupting the power and bus connections, simply unplug the “old” and insert the “new” module.

Mixed Panel Bus I/O modules offer a mix of 34 inputs and outputs in a compact housing. Software updates, configuration, and commissioning are all done automatically by the controller for all Panel Bus I/O Modules. The Panel Bus I/O Modules are addressed manually by adjusting their HEX switches. The Panel Bus I/O Modules may be used with any CPU supporting Panel Bus communication.

Features & Benefits:

  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pluggable Panel Bus I/O modules can be exchanged without rewiring.
  • Lower risk of damage and theft
  • Fast wiring with state-of-the-art push-in terminals
  • Configurable safety position for outputs
  • Max. wiring flexibility due to optional accessories
  • Can be mounted in small installation housings
  • Flexible mix of Panel Bus I/O modules
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