MERLIN is a BACnet-compliant room controller that can be configured and commissioned over the RoomUp App, offering utmost energy efficiency and installation flexibility.

MERLIN family of room controllers provide flexible, configurable, demand-led control delivering tangible benefits to reduce energy spending and drive new levels of functionality and efficiency in today’s buildings. These BACnet MS/TP-based room controllers include a configurable application supporting a fan coil unit, chilled and hot ceiling, and radiator heating applications. It is possible to handle a mix of these applications in one controller. Line voltage power supply and the flexible use of relays and TRIACs (24 VAC or 230 VAC), 24 VAC power supply for field devices, Sylk wall modules, and smart engineering and commissioning tools reduce the total installed cost.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to control terminal units such as 2and 4-pipe fan coil units, chilled and hot ceilings, hydronic heating, and a mix of these applications
  • Support for 1-3 stage fans, variable fan speed drives (VSDs), thermal, floating, proportional actuators, and 6way valve actuators
  • Auto Mac-addressing
  • Fast commissioning using plug-and-play solutions, predefined applications and state-of-the-art commissioning via the CLROOMUP mobile application – eliminating the need for two people when commissioning
  • Reduced number of sensors because sensors are shared across different applications
  • BACnet BTL®-Listed as Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) rev 1.12
  • Two housing dimensions and several different I/O versions to match your individual needs
  • Universal mounting options, including terminal covers and color-coded terminals
  • 24 VAC aux. output voltage, allowing direct connection and powering of field devices
  • Two-wire polarity-insensitive bus interface to connect to Honeywell Sylk wall modules


  • UL 60730-1, Standard for Automatic Electric Controls for Household and Similar Use, Part 1: General Requirements;
  • CAN/CSA-E60730-1:02, Standard for Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use, Part 1: General Requirements
  • Complementary listing for UL916, CSA C22.2 No. 205;
  • BTL-listed, BACnet AAC profile
  • SASO-approved
  • CE-approved
  • FCC part 15B-compliant
  • Brand: CentraLine
  • Number of Triac Outputs: 4
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