The MERLIN NX (CLMERxxN) is a flexible, freely programmable and innovative room controller that offers performance-based engineering with Niagara eXtended (NX) and enables Single-Tool-Engineering throughout the whole Building Management System and allowing cost-effective installation and commissioning. Offline engineering (back-office preparation) and ‘live’ engineering for application optimization (real time programming) without download provides an optimized workflow.
Scalable and flexible integration options over BACnet MS/TP, Modbus and SYLK-Bus enable demand-led control for HVAC, Light and Blind which enables not only high energy cost savings but also maximizing comfort and well-being.

Hardware inputs • a variety of sensors (e.g., room temperature sensors, supply temperature sensors, humidity sensors, window sensors, occupancy sensors, and card readers) may be used
• contact status from occupancy sensors, window switches, condensation contacts etc.
Hardware outputs • relays with input and output terminal per relay support flexible use (N.O.)
• triacs with common input terminals(24/230Vac)
Bus system description • BACnet MS/TP communication between controllers
• Modbus RTU interface to integrate wall modules,
I/O modules, sensors, VAV dampers etc.
• Sylk bus to Honeywell Room HMIs CLCMTR40x/TR42x
• RJ45 connector for BACnet WiFi adapter
Mounting • DIN rail
• in cabinets
• fuse boxes
• on walls
Protection class IP20 (IP30 with optional terminal cover)
Control software free programmable
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