EAGLEHAWK is a powerful Hardware and Software platform designed to manage HVAC and non-HVAC Systems (e.g. lighting, security, life safety) in a building and across multiple buildings. It therefore supports all common communication protools, such as BACnet, LON, Modbus, M-BUS, KNX IP, Fidelio, SNMP, C-Bus and many more. Eaglehawk allows to make use of the CentraLine Application Library, which ensures unparalleled energy Efficiency as well as maximum application reliability. This ensures that International Standards like the EN 15232 are met.
Hardware inputs/Outputs
• CentraLine Panel-Bus I/O modules (CLIOP)
• CentraLine LON I/O modules (CLIOL)
• Onboard communication inputs/outputs: Dual Ethernet 10/100Mbps, 2 RS485 ports, 1 RS232 port.
• Included communication Drivers: BACnet/IP, BACnet MSTP, DALI, FOX and FOXS, LON FTT10A and IP, KNX/IP, M-Bus, Modbus all types, oBIX, Open ADR, SNMP, OPC-DA
• Included CentraLine drivers and enhancements: Panel-Bus , C-Bus, LON IO, BACnet Integration, Project Documentation and Print-Out, IO Creation, EnOcean, MQTT
• Optional drivers and applications: SMS, Fidelio, ENERGY VISION
Web Server and Programming, Cyber Security
• Web Server: Supports most common mobile and PC browsers
• Provides JAVA-free web-pages (HTML5)
• Provides full-functional read and write access to the application, including programming
• Programming: Full and web-browser based programming Option
• Programming via COACH NX
• EAGLEHAWK incorporates industry best practices for cyber security. This includes features such as secure boot, encrypted file system, enforcement of strong hashed passwords, role-based access control, TLSv1 for secure communications, certificate management tools for authentication, audit log and Java-free access via web-browsers
Onboard and detached HMIs
• EAGLEHAWK is optionally available with a network independent HMI in two variants:
• Onboard HMI: Integrated HMI with graphic icons, push-and-turn wheel and direct access buttons.Configurable operation menu, which among many more includes configurable fast access lists that can contain data-points, parameters and time schedules.The onboard HMI allows for adaptation of the operating menu to application- specific needs. The onboard HMI is independent from the BMS network and hence suitable for emergency operation as is required in many project specifications.
• Detached HMI: CLEAHMI21 see also separate description further down. Same as above, but as a separate unit. Allows for mounting through panel doors, onto walls, magnetic mounting and hand-held.

Hardware inputs • Controllers available with 0, 14 or 26 onboard inputs/outputs
• Panel-Bus input modules available for: measurement of temperature, relative humidity, pressure etc.; contact status from relays, thermostats; counters etc.
Hardware outputs • Controllers available with 0, 14 or 26 onboard inputs/outputs
• Panel-Bus output modules available for: control devices like servomotors, switching devices like pumps, ventilators etc.
Operator panels • EAGLEHAWK is operated via a standard browser. By default, an integrated web-server provides all freely programmable operation pages for full and JAVA-free browser-based operation
• Through the consistent use of software standards, any PC platform can be used as an operator interface (client), including laptops, desktops PCs, or touch screen PCs for direct flush mounting into electrical panel doors (IP65)
• For mobile devices, freely programmable web-pages can be made available
Management applications ARENA NX
Mounting • in panels
• in fuse boxes conforming with standard DIN43880, and having a slot height of max. 45 mm
• in panel front doors (using accessory MVC-80-AC2)
• on walls (using accessory MVC-80-AC1)
Protection class IP20 (IP30 when mounted through cabinet doors with accessory MVC-80-AC2)
Power supply 19..29 Vac or 20..30 Vdc ; 9 VA
Additional description • Real-time clock back-up with goldcap capacitor for 72 hours buffer
• Use PW3, PW20 or PW60, for M-Bus interfacing
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