Product Overview

  • Meltblown synthetic media provides lower initial resistance versus fibreglass
  • Media is high-loft, layered, non-shedding, and water resistant
  • Ultrasonically-welded pockets guarantee complete inflation without crowding or leakage
  • Reinforced pocket supports prevent flexing or bucking in turbulent conditions
  • Available in three efficiencies, MERV 12, 14, 15

Typical Applications

DriPak 2000 filters are excellent for use in all commercial buildings and a variety of industrial applications.  Designed and manufactured by AAF Flanders, pioneers in extended surface pocket filters, the ultrasonically-welded DriPak 2000 filter raises the industry standard for value and performance.

Now Better Than Ever

Today’s DriPak 2000 filter features a unique, ultrasonically-welded pocket configuration that guarantees complete pocket inflation and eliminates crowding or leakage. Reinforced pocket support frames eliminate flexing or buckling, even in a turbulent operating environment.

IAQ Engineered

The DriPak 2000 filter is available in three efficiencies, MERV 15, MERV 14, and MERV 12 to meet your need for cleaner air and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

The DriPak 2000 filter is made from layered, meltblown synthetic media, protected by a scrim on the air-leaving side. Layering the media provides both a high-efficiency final filter layer that effectively filters fine particulate and an integral lofted prefilter layer that captures larger particulate. Meltblown synthetic media is stronger than fibreglass, and is both non-shedding and water-resistant.

Designed for Performance

DriPak 2000 filters employ a sturdy pocket design that includes ultrasonic welding to ensure leak-free pockets. Interlocked support frames attached to the pockets prevent flexing and buckling during full inflation. The double U-shaped, reinforced header forms a solid container for the pocket support frames.

Ultrasonically-Welded Pocket Construction

The DriPak 2000 filter ultrasonically welded pocket construction features ribbons of fabric sealed inside the pockets to create aerodynamic channels. This eliminates the needle holes associated with span stitching. The contoured shape of the pocket allows full inflation without crowding or restricting airflow, to ensure full media utilization and long service life.


  • MERV 12
  • MERV 14
  • MERV 15
Filter Depth
  • 12″
  • 15″
  • 18
  • 21″
  • 22″
  • 26″
  • 30″
  • 36″
Media Type
  • Synthetic
Frame Material
  • Galvanized Steel
Max Operating Temperature
  • 200˚F (93˚C)
  • UL900
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