Color touch screen wall module with temperature- and optional humidity sensor, scheduling and parameter access. The wall module communicates and is powered by the Sylk bus. The TR120 is compatible with the MERLIN NX Compact VAV controller.

Display functions The home screen can display one to three of any of the following parameters: Temperature Setpoint, Room Temperature, Room Humidity, Outdoor Humidity, Outdoor Temperature or one of virtually any parameter in the controller.
Control functions Temperature setpoint, occupancy (override), fan speed, scheduling. Control nearly any system point. Tamper proof system settings via password protection.
Temperature range 5 … 37 ℃
Power supply Sylk bus 18 Vdc | 1 VA
Mounting place internal wall
Housing (HxWxD) 84 mm | 121 mm | 21 mm

Additional description Install vertically or horizontally
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